Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids' Birthday Gifts

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Kelly Lyden | 1 comment

personalized kids gift tags
I absolutely adore a good gift wrap job. I love wrapping gifts, I love receiving a beautiful gift.  I love all of the components that go into it....which is probably why we work so hard creating accessories to help you with your gift wrapping. Here are a few cute, colorful ways to wrap up gifts for a child:
creative gift wrap ideas for kids
Don't you just love those darling animals carrying boxes?!  Or the rainbow of string on the kraft paper.  A lot of times, all you need is a personalized gift sticker or tag to add to your gift...keep them on hand to make for stress-free wrapping.
creative gift wrapping ideas for kidsI get so many questions about resources for the papers and ribbons we use in our photos, so I thought I would share some resources.
  • Wrapping Paper: I like to keep a couple patterns around of our new luxe gift wrap, along with a large ream of glossy white paper. That way I can mix and match my ribbons and gift tags and gift stickers for different looks.
  • Ribbon: I buy all of my grosgrain ribbon from The Ribbon Factory. The quality is great, and it's very reasonably price!  I like to get 2 solids and 2 stripes a season in the 1 1/2" width.
  • Gift Tags + Stickers: I like to keep a combination of tags and gift stickers on hand, and always make sure I have a couple for our family, one from just me, and one from each of my children.  I choose designs to work in the same color palette as my ribbon.

By stocking up on coordinating wrap, ribbon and gift tags and stickers, I am prepared to wrap at a moment's notice, and always show up with a gift that gets ooh's and ahh's.  

What are your wrapping tricks?  Do share!

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Jessica J Reynolds
Jessica J Reynolds

June 26, 2018

Thank you so much for share your idea with us. A gift is one of the best ways to make a birthday more memorable and enjoyable. Especially kids love more to get a gift on birthday. Wrapping is also important to make a gift more attractive. Your idea would be effective to make a kids birthday gift more attractive. I would like to apply your ideas to my kids upcoming Birthday. Thanks again for such a great effort on this post.

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