The WH Hostess Lady

“She makes hostessing look effortless. Her social calendar is always full. Her home is a place where manners are practiced with emphasis, and social graces thrive. She fancies the finer things, as well as the little things. She teaches her children the importance of written words, and the expression of gratitude for gifts and acts of kindness. (And she practices what she preaches!) She throws dinner parties and never arrives empty-handed when the invitation is reciprocated. She loves a good monogram, especially on her stationery. A monogram, after all, is the ultimate expression of individuality. She loves a good trend but likes to simplify with the classic look that resonates so deeply with her. She believes in the values of the past, and loves the designs of today."

The WH Hostess Social Stationery brand is known for translating fresh designs onto paper. Our collection focuses on items to help you execute the social graces of everyday life: announcing a new baby, celebrating a birthday or special occasion, sending the perfect thank you note, or giving a thoughtful, personalized gift. Our luxe, printed products are available in our shop, as well with a variety of online retailers and brick & mortar stores around the county.

Known for designing personalized stationery and party invitations for the modern hostess, we aim to help you create a stylish party using coordinating, decorative elements. Our designs feature modern trends with touch of preppy pizzazz, yet overall have a classic feel that resonates so deeply with our owner and designer, Kelly Lyden. Our invitation designs inspire full party themes, and we offer coordinating paper goods, such as banners, signage, food table accessories, custom fabric, and foil-stamped napkins, to help you execute a stunning event right down to every detail.

Kelly’s first book, “Stylish Kids’ Parties” (F+W Media, Inc.) launched in December 2013 and features 12 darling kids parties and baby shower themes, each including decorations, DIY party ideas, recipes and more.

Due to the customized nature of our products, please note that all sales are final. All products are crafted by hand, so please plan on an average of a two week turnaround.